Strong Tower

Right now I don’t feel strong. I feel like I’m hanging on by a thread and its on the verge of snapping. If it does, absolutely everything I’m struggling to keep afloat will come tumbling down. My work, school, possible graduation, family life, all of it. It’s hard enough to keep things running smoothly on a normal day so add my mother being gravely ill in the hospital and it just seems impossible. I know God did not bring me this far to let me fail. He knows our life story from beginning to end. Now I’m questioning grad school when just a week ago I was excited and optimistic about it. That is why it is absolutely vital that I stop and listen to God’s voice and direction. Lord, I can’t afford to go in a direction you haven’t ordained! He is essential to the success of this journey called life. 

I’m constantly hearing His voice saying “Keep your eyes on me” just like when He called Peter out of the boat during the storm. The minute Peter focused on the storm around him, he began to sink. Failure is not an option! I have to block out the storm and stay focused on Christ. It’s the only way we will make it out on the other side and into our promise land. 

I don’t know why God allows us to suffer or to watch our loved ones suffer, but I do know that he will carry us through it if we allow Him to. He will be our strength when we are weak. It’s our only hope. 


3 responses to “Strong Tower

  1. Loved it bestie only God knows what his doing and for us to try to comprehend him we couldnt even do .. Stay strong God doesnt give us what we cant handle and sometimes he didnt trust us do much but he loves us .. Your mom and your family are in my prayers


  2. My love,
    I love you so much and I love the family we have made. I’m here with you for better or for worse. We will get through this together. We will fight this battle together. Your not alone in this. God knows why he does thing and that is where we have to get our strength from. God is always good and will take care of you. Trust in him and know that your are his child. And know that I am not going anywhere and will be there for you through thick and thin. I’m praying every day for our family and know that god is listnening. I love you.

    Your husband,


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