Shut Down 

We have all been there. To our complete breaking point and sometimes it feels like God’s playing a cruel joke on you when one thing after another keeps going wrong. We may never know why some things happen at least not in this life time, but we can rest assured that our Lord isn’t cruel and He’ll work all things for the good of those who love Him. And sometimes He might just shut things down so you can rest! 

I was having one of those days. I woke up feeling the onset of a migraine. I was running late, phone wasn’t working right, I spilled my coffee on myself on the way into work. I was stressed about homework assignments and studying for a quiz. Students at my school were in the middle of standardized testing where I was on constant stand by as the technology person on campus and next thing you know, all our power goes out. AC shut down in 80 degree weather. That’s when I felt it, either my blood pressure was high or I was having an anxiety attack. I had the school nurse check my blood pressure and it was normal. She contributed my uneasiness to anxiety. Pff, you think?!? So I moseyed on back to my office and made some chamomile tea with the little electricity we had left and sat in the dark to rest. 

Sometimes God will force a shut down so you have no choice but to rest. I would like to say my day got much better after that but it had some more highs and lows. I scored really well on my quiz that I took after work, but later my son damaged my cell phone. A phone can be replaced, my sanity can’t. 

For now I’ll try to find rest when I can, because I know if I don’t God will force me to go on shut down mode. 


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